Engage the LWB team directly in a housekeeping overhaul for your home. This process is a natural fit for clients who want it 'done' but don't have the time to do it themselves. We tailor selected areas to your personal needs and do the purchasing and implementation of each area.

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A Bespoke Process


Complete our project form. This process gives us a basic understanding of your household and needs. We also have an opportunity to get to know you and your personal style. The steps are fun and easy to complete.


We hold an initial call to talk about how we can help and what an engagement looks like. We can talk timing, pricing and figure out a plan to get your home finished. From this point, we present a formal project proposal.


We handle all the ordering, planning, and logistics around your installation. Arriving on location at your home, we perform a detailed installation and complete the process with a reveal and walkthrough.

Bespoke lifestyle home management is just a click away.
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